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Industrial Manipultor

Smart Programmable

The MiiP was developed by Denker to facilitate the movement of loads in the companies guaranteeing ergonomics. Combining safety, agility, smoothness and precision is no longer a problem on the factory floor.

MiiP is an intelligent system that has the "float" mode. With one touch on the load itself, the operator can precisely orient it with both hands while the manipulator makes the effort.


The main objective of the MiiP is to meet ergonomic requirements, adapting the work environment to the human being, generating well-being and consequently increase in its productivity.

Ergonomics is an important concept and needs to be followed in institutions, whose result is a safe, healthy and productive work.


MiiP was developed because we believe and seek the quality of life in companies.


MiiP has several functionalities for each project:

- Float mode: zero weight for the user

- Triggering by touch, handle or buttons

- Programmable embedded electronics

- Interlock not to drop the load in the air

- Communication protocols

- Configurable digital inputs and outputs

- Load weighing with display

- Integration with printer for issuing labels

- Integration with management system and database

- Inventory control and traceability


As a technology developed entirely by Denker, there are several standard delivery options.

Load capacity (kg): 30 | 70 | 160

Horizontal range radius (m): 2,0 | 2,5 | 3,0 | 3,5 | 4.0    

Vertical displacement (m): 2,5 | 3,0 | 3,5 | 4.0     


Rotation angle (degrees): +/- 160

Power supply: Single-phase 110/220 Vac | Three Phase 220/380 Vac


Joint Brake

Award according to NR12 and ART.

Specific claws: pneumatic, magnetic, suction cup, motorized, with hook, etc. All tailor-made for your product.

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